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VSI crusher


  • Improved efficiency and throughput
Cascading material combines with material from the rotor to form a denser particle population, which optimises reduction by increasing the chance of a good rock-on-rock collision. This most efficient use of the rock on-rock crushing action leads to improved crusher efficiency and increased throughput, giving the operator more value for money by providing more inter-particle action where it is needed most in the crushing chamber.

  • The unmatched producer of superior concrete and asphalt aggregate
Less cement can be used and stronger concrete created by using Barmac S-Series VSI product. The Barmac S-Series VSI combines high velocity impact crushing with high pressure attrition grinding to produce high volumes of cubically shaped product. Continuous control of the product shape and gradation provides a product which meets the size distribution required.

  • A proven producer of quality manufactured sand
Superior particle shape and consistent gradation are a direct result of the rock-on rock principle of the S-Series VSI crusher. Impact, grinding and abrading within the crusher simulates the action of nature, eroding the particles to a cubical shape.

  • The only viable crusher for extremely abrasive fine material
The rock-on-rock crushing principle of the Barmac S-Series VSI minimises metallic wear resulting in low maintenance and wear costs. The low wear of internal components ensures extremely low contamination of fi ne products by wearing metal parts.


  • The User-Friendly VSI crusher
The roof lifter has been developed to provide quick and easy access to the internal workings of the Barmac S-Series VSI. This allows for rapid rotor and wear part changes and minimises down time while maximising availability. The simple and reliable design of the roof lifter means only one person is required for operation and can eliminate the requirement for an external crane.

  • The cascade feed system
The Barmac S-Series VSI uses the cascade feed system to introduce a second stream of material, in a controlled quantity, into the crushing chamber turbulence. This causes a supercharging of the particle population within the chamber, thereby improving the energy transfer between the particles. The cascade feature enables the operator to make optimal use of the power available and to manipulate the product grading and shape to best suit their requirements.

The cascade feed system provides:
• Higher crusher throughputs for the same power consumption.
• Maximum use of available power without fear of motor overload.
• Gradation control to optimise product fractions.
• ‘Free’ crushing at no extra expense to the operator.
• Shape control.


Model Max Feeding
Rotation Speed
S-5 30 30-60 30-45 2258-2600
S-7 35 55-120 55-110 1775-2050
S-8 50 113-240 150-264 1460-1720
S-10 60 220-500 320-500 1242-1460
S-12 60 300-700 500-630 1000-1350


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