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Metso Jaw Plates

Jaw Plates are the mainly wear-resistant parts for metso jaw crusher.WHITE LAI Offers the Metso® Jaw Plates,Perfect alternative to Metso original accessories.

WHITE LAI Jaw plate is manufactured with super high manganese steel, therefore it has a service life 50~100% longer than those made of traditional high manganese steel.  The special processing techniques ensure that our jaw plate has leading performance:

1)Using cold processing hardening technology, the hardness is improved.

2)Water toughening technology to avoid making the performance poor during the process of natural phase change.

 We manufacture an extensive range of wear and spare parts in China for the metso jaw crusher, like the spare parts for the below jaw crushers.

C80, C96, C100B, C105, C106, C110, C116, C125, C140, C145, C160, C200

Jaw   plates, Cheek plates

JM806, JM907, JM1108, J1175, JM1206, JM1208, JM1211, JM1312, JM1511, JM1513



 Jaw plate fixed

 Jaw mvbl  N11921412
 Jaw PLT EXD STAND-ARD  312470
 Jaw PLT RECYCLING  903053
 JAW MVBL  905354
 JAW MVBL  918387
 JAW MOVABLE  312469
 Mantle  902567
 Mantle  902568
 Jaw mvbl special  MM0208851
 Jaw plt fxd  N1948451
 Jaw plt fxd(recycling)  N1948451
 Jaw plt fxd sprgpip  MM0215712
 Jaw plt fxd  MM0260417
 Jaw plt special  MM0208851
 Jaw mvbl  N11944860
 Jaw mvbl  N11942233
 Jaw plt fxd  N11948450
 Jaw plt fxd  N11934485
 Jaw plt  N11948449
 Jaw mvbl suorgid  MM0236248
 Jaw movable plt  814320037400
 Jaw plt fixed  814320037300
 Jaw plt exd  814320042100
 Jaw mvbl grip  814391378000
 Jaw plt  N11928918
 Jaw plt  N11928919
 Jaw plt fxd quarry  814391359800
 Jaw mvbl grip  814391378000
 Jaw plt fxd  M0273923
 Jaw plt  MM0246829
 Jaw mvbl  MM0273926
 Jaw plt fxd  MM0273925
 Jaw mvbl  MM0273924
 Jaw plate fixed  814390435100
 Jaw movable plate  814390435200
 Jaw plt fxd  814329539700
 Jaw mvbl  814329539800
 Jaw plt fxd  MM0274302
 Jaw plate fixed  814391312500
 Jaw mvbl quarry  MM0224995
 Jaw mvbl quarry  N11918208
 Mantle  901529
 Mantle  901528
 Jaw mvbl  MM0274303
 Jaw mvbl  814328561400
 Jaw plate,fixed  814328501200
 Sigle  N11954352
 Mantle  N11954343
 Jaw plt  814320042700
 Jaw movable sigle  N11954353
 Jaw mvbl(140quarry)  814328598800

 Jaw plt fxd 140 quarry


 Jaw plt fxd sprgpip

 Jaw plt  MM0218048
 Jaw plt MVBL  814329274900
 Jaw plt fxd  814329275000
 Jaw plt fixed quarry  814390844600
 Jaw movable super  814329291500
 Jaw plt  110046590671
 Jaw plt  110046590672
 jaw movable  814390552700
 jaw movable  814390552600
 Jaw plate fixed  N11917389


 Jaw plt fxd  N11952743
 Jaw mvbl standard  N952744
 Jaw plt fxd  MM023802
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