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Metso HP500 Wear Parts

Bowl Liner & Mantle are the mainly wear-resistant parts for metso HP500 cone crusher.WHITE LAI Offers the Metso® Bowl Liner & Mantle,Perfect alternative to Metso original accessories.

WHITE LAI Bowl Liner & Mantle is manufactured with super high manganese steel, therefore it has a service life 50~100% longer than those made of traditional high manganese steel.  The special processing techniques ensure that our Bowl Liner & Mantle has leading performance:

1)Using cold processing hardening technology, the hardness is improved.

2)Water toughening technology to avoid making the performance poor during the process of natural phase change.

 Upper head bushing  1022147321
 Lower head bushing  7015655252
 Eccentric bushing  1022074809
 Countershaft bushing  122065500
 Socket liner  1048723201
 Main frame pin bushing  1022139802
 Thrust Bearing  1057605168
 Liner Main frame seat  104816296

 Bowl liner SH EF

 Bowl liner ST C  1048314243
 Bowl liner STDXC  1048314244
 Mantle STD M F  7055308508
 Mantle SH C  N55308520

 Bowl liner SH C

 Bowl liner SH F  705520819
 Bowl liner STD F  7055208516


 Mantle  55308501
 Mantle  71048314240
 Mantle  71048314236
 Bowl liner


 Bowl liner  55308514
 Mantle  71048314222
 Mantle  55209504
 Mantle  5539502
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